The Market Validation Doc

The Market Validation doc is a gsheet that I used before creating to figure out the problems companies face when trying to go-to-market with the strategy that I was focusing my business on. wouldn’t exist without the customer interviews I performed using this tool. This doc functions as both an interview script and database for recording notes from your interview conversations.

Link to Access the Market Validation Doc – I suggest making a copy of the doc in your drive to use for your own market validation.

For me, the Market Validation doc:

  • Alleviated anxiety I may have had around what I might was going to say and made it consistent across all my interviews
  • Gave me a place to record and analyze all of the data I was collecting
  • Helped me feel confident that I would identify a real problem and customers would want a solution for it
  • Helped me identify and understand multiple problems worth tackling

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